Apr 03 2011

Acrylic Fish Tank Building

Acrylic Fish Tank Building

Choosing The Right Fish For Your Aquarium Rental

The old saying goes, “there’s plenty more fish in the sea” and by golly, there really is! So when it comes to choosing the right fish for your aquarium it can be a difficult job with so many to choose from. And then there’s the fish tank or aquarium to consider on top of that as well as knowing how to look after both the fish and the aquarium

Aqualease are an aquarium rental company that specialise is leasing aquariums to businesses across the North West of England. Taking care of everything from installation of the aquarium to introducing the fish to ongoing servicing and maintenance, Aqualease are there every step of the way to make sure that your aquarium is 100% hassle free.

Aqualease‘s range of aquariums and fish tanks is second-to-none with a selection that includes column aquariums and cabinet aquariums.

Column aquariums are a popular choice for businesses that want the attraction of an aquarium but have little space to keep one due to them being narrow, but tall.

Cabinet aquariums are another space saving aquarium choice due to them having storage space for documents or items built into the base unit.

If Aqualease don’t have an aquarium that takes your fancy, or if you need a bespoke solution, they can build almost any aquarium from either glass or acrylic to suit your requirements.

Okay, so that’s the aquarium taken care of, but what about the fish? Aqualease have three ranges of fish to choose from, coldwater fish, tropical fish and Malawi Cichlids.

Coldwater fish create an instant colourful and attractive display. The size and bold colours of coldwater fish make them an excellent choice for column aquariums and settings such as care homes and children centres where you really want the fish to stand out.

Tropical fish are a firm favourite with pretty much everyone. Aqualease have a large range of tropical fish to choose from that look amazing in pretty much any of the aquariums available. Tropical fish set-ups can include Angel fish, Parrot fish, Gouramis and Rainbow fish to name but a few.

Malawi Cichlids are often referred to as freshwater marine fish due to their vibrant colours. Malawi Cichlid aquariums create a feature that will never fail to impress. They are very active and create a colourful and attractive display. These fish are best placed in one of the larger cabinet aquariums where space isn’t an issue. They also work well in any larger custom design tank.

So if you need help finding the right fish or the right aquarium rental deal, talk to Aqualease who will be happy to advise.

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Aqualease specialise in providing a quality tropical fish tank and coldwater aquarium rental service for businesses throughout the North West of England.

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