Feb 05 2010

Aggressive Tropical Fish

what kind of fish should i get?

hi.i want to get another tank for x-mas(early thinking) and the type of fish i wanna get is tropical aggressive fish and by aggressive fish i mean real aggressive fish. please help. i’ve been desperate searching on sites but i haven’t found anything.

p.s. remember that if you ask me a question like how many gallons i want my new tank to be i’ll be answering it so come back checking it

yo dude if u want to get really a aggressive fish then get a flowerhorn plus spot cichlid u will really love it. i have 3 of them with 2 big oscars. most of people say that oscars are most aggressive but i will say that my flowerhorn are most aggressive when i separate one of them in my other tank and if kept single gets a lot aggressive and will to bite anything that enters its tank expect for the one who feeds him.
my separated flowerhorn has bitten every one from my dad, mom, sis, gf, all who move their hands above the tank water. sometimes it even jumps out and bites.
u will really love it.  BECOMES MOST AGGRESSIVE WHEN KEPT SINGLE.  Buy it when it is 2 inch and healthy.

Video: Flowerhorn

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