Dec 28 2010

Aquarium Fish

Aquarium Fish
How do I clean fish aquarium accessories?

I am getting a betta fish sometime soon and I already have the pebbles and plants from the aquarium I used to use. My previous little fish I had died from an illness, but I do not want that to happen to again..
I want to use the tank accessories but not the tank itself, i’m getting a new one along with a new filter.
Thank you!

The best way to clean all the tank’s accessories is with boiling water from the kettle as this will destroy all bacteria that is on the products, place all the products in a bucket and cover the products with the boiling water.
leave the items until the water turns cool, this usually can take from 1-3hours.
with the gravel or pebbles it is best to do this 1-3times as bacteria and fungi cells can live much better in the gravel than they can on ornimantes.

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