Mar 17 2010

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants

Tropical Aquarium Plants

Fish love plants, and the fish in your aquarium are no different. The plants should be the same as in the fish’s natural habitat – even if the fish has never lived in it’s native habitat!  Here is a sampling of fresh water aquarium plants that you can use:

Floating Plants
Depending on what kind of fish you have, these provide great places for the little fish who may want to hide away for some time, or even those big ones who want to catch a nap once in a while. When you go shopping, ask for Fairy Moss and Driccia.

A rhizome has a thick horizontal stem with leaves sprouting off at the top. It grows and spreads rather fast and will provide great foliage for your fish in little time, both at the top and at the bottom of your tank. Your fish will have nooks and crannies to play around in or hide, and they will also be shaded most of the time.  Anubias and African fern – they’re easy to plant. All you do is tie them to driftwood and leave them alone – they’ll grow out.

Anubias Nana
It can survive in just about any kind of condition. And it looks good too because its flowers are under water. Your fish won’t eat it, so it’s pretty safe, but you’ll need to attach it firmly to a stone or a tree root or one of the decorations in the tank.

The leaves grow from the nodes in the stem, thus the name stems. The roots will be firmly rooted in the substrate and you can get different varieties. There are some that produce single leaves, while others produce pairs or even multiple leaves from one node.

Java Moss or Java Fern
It’s a great starter plant for your aquarium. It’s great because it’s highly adaptable – it can grow at different water pH levels and different types of water as well.

Amazon Sword
Known as echinodorus bleheri it’s easy to care for and is amazingly popular as an aquarium plant. It grows fast and also acts as anti-algae.

If you want a natural experience with your fish, live plants is a simple choice. Start out with what you can handle. As you get to know both your aquarium and your fish better, you will be able to move on to more advanced and rewarding plants in your aquarium.

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