Feb 25 2011

Betta Fish

Betta Fish

Many have asked what the ideal betta temperature is. The concern is a genuine one and a significant one as well-bettas are tropical fish, and many owners are rightly concerned for their well being in a temperate and even cold environment.

The approximate temperature of the little creeks, rice paddies and streams that bettas originate from in nature is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This of course makes it easy for those who live in tropical areas to keep bettas-no extra heat needed, and as a matter of fact it may be best not to keep a betta in a sunny area to prevent the water from overheating-but in cooler areas, it is a definite concern.

Those who live in such areas will have to keep bettas in special tanks in which the water is heated via a thermometer. However, since thermometers strictly must not be used in any tank that is any smaller than five gallons-water temperature fluctuations can mean the end for any fish kept in such a setup-a tank containing a betta that needs heating has to have a capacity of at least five gallons. Ambient temperature-air temperature, meaning of course the temperature of the area one lives in-is insufficient to keep a betta toasty enough, as it takes far more effort to warm water than air thanks to its density. Thus an aquarium requires its own heating apparatus and cannot be reliably heated by virtue of being placed in a warm area alone.

In addition, one must be more careful with the management of such a tank than one would need to be if one lived in a warm area. A tank that contains a thermometer must be watched carefully. If the water level drops below the level of the thermometer itself, the unit might overheat and destroy the tank-or even cause a fire. So one really does need to watch out for one’s thermometer in order to make sure that it doesn’t cause problems.

One might ask, why is it important to keep a betta within the temperature range it is accustomed to? The answer, of course, is obvious: a betta that is kept at a temperature range it is not accustomed to will easily get sick and die, thanks to temperature shock and the like. So it goes without saying that a betta has to be kept within the temperature range it is accustomed to in order to ensure that it is both healthy and happy.

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How to take care of your Betta fish

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