May 07 2011

Cheap Fish Tank Decorations

What is the easiest maintained fish, and what type of care would it need?

My mum said i may be able to get a fish soon, but i am relatively clueless about fish or how to look after them. I would want a fish that is fairly easy to maintain and care for, and quite cheap to keep as well. Also, it would be helpful to know the size of tank, what kind of food and what decorations are needed. as i said, i have no experience with fish, so i would need everything to be explained, thanks!!
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Easiest maintained is what you have time for …

Usually the best first fish for a beginner is the Betta because of smaller tank requirement and the ability to supplement air from the surrounding environment if water quality “slips”.
My recommendation is nothing less than a 5g tank,a heater and filter (which,without doubt,someone will say is “not needed”) … you would decorate the tank however you like with aquarium-safe items that aren’t sharp or will snag the Betta’s fins.There are all types of prepared foods specifically for Betta,so buy 2-3 types to switch up things and occasionally offer frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp as treats.

Any fish can be a first fish with a little research in what is needed for it… and don’t just gather info from one site,go through as many as you can to sort out what’s CORRECT.
Think Betta splendens (google as that) would be your best first choice.

inexpensive Inventions to make your fish tank look ‘ice’

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