Feb 08 2010

Convict Cichlids

what tropical fish or animals are easy to breed apart from things like guppies and mollies as they are 2 easy?

ive had guppies before and theres no effort required at all to breed them and this is coming from a 15 yr old! and i would like to breed something else.

ive heard cherry shrimps are easy to breed. what else is quite easy? btw i have a 2ftx18″x12″ tank and 4ftx2ftx1ft tank

Other people have said it, but I’ll reinforce it… Convict Cichlids.

Just add a 4″ terra cotta flower pot tipped on its side, some normal sized gravel & give them 20-30 gallons per pair.

Most fish you have to raise in groups & wait for them to pair off as they grow. Convicts are unique in that they’ll form a mating pair as adults. It only takes about 3 days for them to figure out if they’re going to mate with a fish or kill it.

They are also great parents. Unlike guppies who are kinda like trailer trash the convicts actually raise & protect their young with both parents until the babies are strong enough to fend for themselves. Most fish take at least 5 or 6 tries to not eat their own babies… convicts usually get it right on try 1 or 2.

Your smaller tank would be good for 1 pair. Your big tank would provide primo entertainment with 2 pairs of equally healthy ones. For 2 pairs.. divide the tank down the middle with some rocks & put a flower pot on each side. The pairs will fight as husband & wife against the other pair. They’ll typically flare up in the middle of the tank in a show of domination when they’re not eating or breeding. They all have to be equally big & healthy though. If you have a whimp in the group, they can die.

The trouble is what to do with the babies…. They dont’ make good feeders for most carnivores since they are so good at self-defense and most fish stores don’t want to see any more convicts. That’s why they’re all so cheap (except the piebald colored ones).

Another option would be 1 male & 5 female kenyi cichlids in the 55g tank with some big rocks stacked up forming cave structures. They’re very colorful and active as adults and they will breed with little problem. They breed much less frequently than the convicts. Trouble with them is that they are aggressive as adults, hyperterritorial to any other fish, and they can produce 500 babies in a spawn.

You may also want to try a domestic fish, like the killie fish in the smaller tank. All you need is balls of yarn or java moss. They’re unique in that you can buy their eggs dried & they’ll hatch in the tank. They take up a lot of square footage for such a small fish though. You can’t put too many of them in a tank & they’re small.

VIDEO: Convict Cichlids with Fry

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