Mar 05 2011

Custom Fish Tank Backgrounds

Custom Fish Tank Backgrounds
stocking a 30g freshwater tank?

Had it set up for around a year with some barbs but I moved them to my lightly stocked 100g so that I could do a custom 3d rock background which is now finished (and looks sock btw haha). So I want to start a cichlid tank but I am not sure if they need something larger than a 30g to live in permanently. Of course it would be dwarf cichlids so which if any could i keep in a 30g, probly about 20-25g total with substrate and the rock backround. Also, how many?

If you could include some info on cichlids such as substrate they like and decor that is acceptable that would also be appreciated as I am only experienced in normal community fish, such as angels, gouramis, tetras and others, but i will do research on my own as well.

If dwarf cichlids are no good for this size tank just say so, but from what ive read they are fine in one.

dwarf cichlids would definitely work in there. some good ones to get would be kribensis cichlids or rams. you could also get some ocellatuses but they are kinda expensive. for the kribensis and ram cichlids for substrate you should use regular pea pebbles. dont get the weird colored ones like the green or blue. get natural colors. for their decor you should have live plants and you should have caves that can be made from driftwood, rock, clay flowerpots, and coconut shells.

the ocellatus is different though. the substrate has to be sand. either black or regular color. they like to move the sand around. for decor all you need is some shells. the shell has to be big enough so the ocellatus can go into it without getting stuck.

also when you first get the cichlids they might seem to be shy. a way of curing this is to get a dither fish. in the wild cichlids look at other fish that are higher in the water than they are. if the other fish are out then that means that there are no predators so its safe. so if you want you could get some dither fish. congo tetras would work great

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