Dec 24 2010

Different Fish Tank Bulbs

Different Fish Tank Bulbs
what kind of bulb do i need for my fish tank? There are a lot of different types.?

I have a 55 gallon tank with a single bulb/ ballast on the top. I have a bulb now that works but my rock wall is red lava plus wood so water / tank color is very red. I was wondering if there is a bulb to down play those colors a little and pull out more of the blue of the water and color of the fish (cichlids) is there somewhere i can look at pictures of different bulb and how they effect the tanks?

The water discoloration is caused by the driftwood. It’ll take 1-2 months for it to go away. Actinic bulbs that are florecent with a blue hue to it are great. Actinic T5 bulbs are very good for bringing out the vibrant colors like a black light does but that’s about it for color manipulation in the light spectrum.

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