Jul 30 2011

Diy Fish Tank Stand

Diy Fish Tank Stand
3 foot fish tank sump , diy?

I have a 3 foot fish tank which i will start saltwater in, but i would like to have a sump as i have heard it is the best type of filtration, I have a 3 foot stand also

Just wondering , what is the best sump plan for this,
and how do i build this sump ?

By your question I can tell that you are a beginner,because an aquarium is described in gallons not in how long it is.A sump is a waste of money unless you are planning a full marine aquarium wiyth live rock,fish ans coral.A salt water tnak is quite complicated.You can find answers at fosterandsmithaquatics.com click on articles,info,and tips from there home page.

150g Acrylic Aquarium Making the Stand Skeleton DIY

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