Feb 06 2010

Dwarf Gourami Decorations?

Fish Tank Decorations Aquarium
Fish tank aquarium ideas, Dwarf Gourami?

I am planning on gettting a fish tank with a Dwarf Gourami and these are fish that like to hide. I want to make a realistic tank and plan on putting several live plants in it. Does anyone have any other ideas of what I can put in it for decorations or how I can make a neat cave for my fish? I’m not sure what to put on the bottom of the open area. Oh yeah I am also getting a cherry red shrimp too. Thanks for the ideas!

>>> In my aquarium, I have 2 pieces of Mopani wood that make a cave nessled in a forrest of plants in my tank. Mopani wood looks great, you just have to boil the wood to get out all the tannins in it before you put it in your tank, or else the wood will slowly release color making you water dirty looking…

With the gourami you could put a school of tetra, bring some life and energy to the tank, zebra danios are incredibly active , are easy to care for, and look natural but amazing in a planted tank.

Feeding Gouramis

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