Sep 03 2010

Fish Tank Air Pump

Fish Tank Air Pump
Should i leave the air pump for my fish tank on during the night?

Should i leave my fish tank air pump on during the nihgt?

If you have proper power filtration for the size of your tank, you don’t really need to worry about whether the air pump is on or not. The water filter should move the water around enough to keep sufficient oxygen circulating through the water. If you want to turn it off at night or anytime, say to save power or cut down noise, that’s fine. Just always keep the filter on at all times.

If you have a very large tank or an undersized power filter, then I’d recommend leaving the air pump on all the time for better circulation.

If you have a type of water filter like an under-gravel filter that depends on the air pump to operate, then definitely leave it on at all times!

Air pump for fish tank tests.

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