Jan 14 2010

Fish Tank Backgrounds

Fish Tank Backgrounds Printable
Printable backgrounds for fish tanks?

I just got a fish tank put into my room and my Dad said I should put a background on it. I read on a website that a black background looks best, but I don’t really like it.
Anyone know where some printable bgs are or nice under water pictures are?
Im just thinking of putting the paper on the outside.

It’d probably be best if you went out and bought the kinds they sell at PetCo, PetsMart, or any other pet store. They last longer and the paper is of better quality (laminated like paper).

If you print it, think about what would happen if it got wet. The ink would run and the paper would probably crinkled and get mouldy and stuff.

EDIT: Yes, it usually goes on the outside. I’m just saying the ink may run if it gets wet,say during water changes or something. =]

VIDEO: New Fish Tank Background

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