Jan 09 2010

Fish Tank Bacteria Bloom

Fish Tank Bacteria Bloom

A bacteria bloom is a sudden growth of a large colony of bacteria in your fish tank. This can happen in the beginning when a tank is still being cycled, and is not necessarily a bad thing. When the beneficial bacteria reproduce, it takes them a while to find things to colonize, such as the substrate, filter media, and ornaments. In the meantime, you can have a cloudy aquarium.

Another type of bacteria bloom is not good. This overgrowth of bacteria is usually brought on by overfeeding or too much biological waste at the bottom of the tank. When it breaks down, there are too many nutrients floating in the tank water. Bacteria can grow very quickly and make for a cloudy aquarium. Simply vacuuming the detritus off the bottom and changing the water might cure this problem.

Author:  Melanie Marten

VIDEO: Freshwater Bacterial Bloom

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