Dec 23 2010

Fish Tank Bacteria Blossom

Aquarium Experts Help..Cloudy Water..?

I have a 50 gal tank setup 2 days before I bought a 3 inch oscar, the filtration system is a combination of HOB and UGF. 3 days after the oscar, the water went cloudy, so I have it tested at Petsmart and they said nothing harmful in it except the “bacteria bloom” and should be ok when it cycles.
1. How long will this be cloudy? I mean average time span for the bacteria blossom.

2. I am not really new to aquarium. I have raised oscar for 5 yrs and havent experienced this cloudyness. Straight tap water plus Sera Aguatan, 30 mins my water was ready.Nothing special maybe ocassional methylene blue when parasite is seen.
But Sera products are hard bo find in the US.

To Sera Aguatan users: Can you confirm that it solves cloudy water instantly? So I can buy it from, Ebay.

The products here in the US are water conditioner and i’ll have to buy a separate water clarifier.

<> Thanks

most likely in a few more days ,if the fish is acting ok don’t worry but i would have my own test kits to stay on top of things and sounds like it going to be a real nice home for your oscar and i wouldn’t add no more fish till it did cycles, my son use to have a oscar very smart fish, he love his!

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