May 23 2010

Fish Tank Bar Top

Fish Tank Bar Top
Hamster toys for a 12 year old???

I have 2 hamsters, 1 with a wire cage and 1 with a tank. Pancakes and Flapjacks. 🙂 I am 12 and I can’t make a wood house or anything cuz i don’t have wood, and my father is dead….so….yeah! I already know about toilet tubes….I use them. I just need something or a few entertaining toys that are suitable for each hamster and their cages. Pancakes, who has the fish tank house, likes to chew the edges on the top to try to escape, so I don’t want anything that could promote that. I was also wondering why one of my hamsters wakes up very late and only to eat, and occasionally chew on the bars. Is he sick? He is also not very tame…and I have had him for 1/2 a year. Anything I can do to promote a tame hamster?!?! Thanks for answering and reading!!!!

PLEASE do not put anything fabric in your hamsters cage. Hamsters will eat the fabric and it can become stuck in either their cheek pouches or digestive system. The outcome for this situation is pretty bleak.

Alternative to traditional wood toys – popcycle sticks! You can use small amounts of kid safe non-toxic glue and your imagnation to make all kinds of neat things.

Here’s one site that has homemade toy ideas
You can find lots of ideas by typing “homemade hamster toys” into a search engine.

Lots of things around your house can be exciting – plastic cups, bowls, even some of your old toys can be fun for your pet.

Just be sure to use common sense, so your hamster doesn’t get hurt. Nothing sharp, toxic, wet, etc. Just because it’s in print doesn’t mean its good advice – there’s one site that suggests putting a small amount of water in the bathtub for your hamster to play in – DONT DO THIS – hamsters should NOT be wet!

A possible option is switching your hamsters cages next cage cleaning day. The new enviornment will give them both something new to explore.

There’s a book “Training Your Pet Hamster” that my kids really liked. Your library may have it; carries it.

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