May 21 2011

Fish Tank Book Shelves

Fish Tank Book Shelves
Can my two beta fish see each other without getting upset?

I just got a new beta fish, so now I have 2 boys (accept one is a “girl”) Neways, If they see eachother through the bowls is this going to upset them? I dont want them stressed out and I dont want them to feel threatend by each other..Id really like to keep them on the same shelf with books between the tanks…is this okay?

Male betas have a different color pattern that they can recognize between male and female…..
In a pet store they will on purpose place mini bowls of males next to each other so that they ” fluff up” and display colored fins to establish territory against the other male and look good for the consumer to buy them.
Just make sure you have a plan for water changes etc as the little bowls are almost for display only and not very good for ensuring long life unless you are very attentive to nitrogen levels…..a little natural plant can do wonders towards healthy fish too
good luck …anyway one male with one female should be fine

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