Mar 28 2011

Fish Tank Brown Algae

Fish Tank Brown Algae

Angelfish comes from the vast hotter areas of tropical regions including Brazil. Most of the Cichlid family can be located in Orinoco. Do you know – they are the best considered home tank fish as they live on great live bait.

Although angelfish may differ in shapes and bodies but most of them have most desirable colors. Their eyes are just like small pouting lips. They have black spots and blue sheens. As they are quite adjustable fish, they can feel comfortable on lower temperature up to 72 degrees Fahrenheit but during the breeding season they do not tolerate any temperature other than the tropical one and that is seventy-seven to eighty six degrees Fahrenheit.

The pH level identifies acidity level in a fluid. The level varies from 0 to 14 with 1 as strongly acidic and 14 as strongly basic. Water being a neutral compound must have a pH at 7 in its normal conditions. The pH level of the tank must be maintained at 7. There are a lot of solutions for the adjustments in the pH level including various chemicals. You should preferably opt to a natural or physical treatment.

Special considerations must be given to lighting effects. Angelfish loves to live in a natural environment. For that purpose the lighting must be regular and scheduled. Provide them with vegetation and deep blue water if possible. Give them proper and enough hiding places otherwise they will feel in-secure and will become tensed.

Harlequin fish also belong to the family of angelfish and are one of the cutest creatures of the world. They have some silver-gray color tone and have shimmering sheen and have purple or blue body which grows up to a quarter to two inches in size. They prefer warm water. Thus the aquarium should be set between seventy five degrees and seventy seven degrees Fahrenheit.

The water temperature must be at round eighty degrees during the breeding season. Special concerns regarding pH level are necessary. Set the pH at 5.3 and lower than 5.8. The hardness of water is also of importance. A perfect hardness for fish ranges from 1.5 – 2.5. The other dimension on which you have to give special concerns is the room for movement. Give them a bigger place so that they could move freely and grow well. Filtered peat water and dimmed lights help them in pairing and hatching.

Scat is a hexagonal shaped, eastern Indian fish and has golden brownish tone with brown spots. It lives in sea water and requires great alkalinity. Adding three to four teaspoons of salt in tap water can give it a natural environment. If you are wishing to keep it in your home, you should decorate the aquarium well and grow more plantations. It enjoys live food and some vegetation also. You will have to filter the water regularly and manage for water changes within shorter spans. It likes to swim and dwell with like fish.

Chintamani Abhyankar is a angelfish enthusiast and has been raising and breeding angelfish for many years. He is an expert on their care and an advocate for raising healthy angelfish the natural way. His famous digital book, “Secrets on Keeping Beautiful Goldfish”, offers simple, easy to follow instruction for raising healthy, long-living angelfish. Visit his website to learn more about expertly raising your angelfish and to receive your FREE copy of his special report, “Fish-Keeping Hobby Secrets Revealed”.

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