Aug 30 2010

Fish Tank Bubble Maker

Fish Tank Bubble Maker
My male betta fish has blown a bubble nest and looks ready to mate?

I left a female betta in the next bowl and all they do is look at eachother all day and showing off at eachother. the nest is about an inch wide and around half inch thick. Should I join them, are they ready to be united? I will separate them if they aren’t. They are now in separate goldfish bowls next to eachother there is no heater and no filter/ bubble maker. If i move them to a large tank he will lose the bubble nest he made so i dont know if that is a risk of him changing his mind or start over again. Is it possible to keep them in the goldfish bowl ? if i do it would be impossible to clean the bowl everyother day unless i scope the bubble nest somewhere else.

Please no rude comments, I just got these fish for a project and got a little attached i plan on donating them to a good home anyways, but this happened in the meantime.

If you aren’t going to keep them and/or you don’t plan on keeping the babies. I wouldn’t mate them. That’s not responsible pet ownership unless you know someone who wants them and will raise the fry properly which is a lot of work.

Bettas are hardy so don’t worry about messing the net up. They will build a new one when the female is ready to lay eggs. Even if it’s their 5th one. Enjoy and good luck!

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