Dec 25 2010

Fish Tank Bubbles Sounds

Fish Tank Bubbles Sounds
Betta Fish Breeding…. what’s wrong??

I have two betta fishes; one’s a male, and the other is a female.
I am trying to breed them and came across a few problems.

The male will flare at the female, but the female will not flare back. She does get the dark vertical stripes and currently does have eggs. When I eventually put them together, he chases her until she just lies at the bottom of the tank. I took her out because I didn’t want her to get killed.
The male will not build a bubble nest. He never has since I got him.

So I’m wondering, what’s wrong… does it sound like something is wrong with the male or the female? And why won’t the male build a bubble nest? I have a filter and there’s warmth…
Should I get a younger male?

Thanks, for all the help in advance. 🙂

for the male to want to build a bubble nest, you have to condition him by feeding him live quality foods for three weeks. Then he will feel like he is ready for the tiring task of reproducing. Vertical bars means that the female wants to breed, horizontal stripes means that she is stressed, the person above me is wrong. You have to put the female in a transparent cup and float her in the spawning tank (ten gal.). Do you have live foods for when the babies are born?
i am assuming that you did your homework and actually know how to breed them…right?
If you have already conditioned them, try again, condition them for another 3 weeks. You cannot put them together untill they are ready. If the male has not built a bubblenest…he is not ready, so dont put them together yet or the female will be beaten up unnecesarily. When they re both ready, introduce them. agressionis common. Unless someone is gettin seriously hurt, let them do their thing.


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