Feb 08 2013

Fish Tank Building Glass

Fish Tank Building Glass
White build up on the Glass of my tank?

There is a white buildup on the glass of my empty fish tank (no water in it) It looks cloudy and when filled with water it makes the tank look cloudy.

I tried scraping it with a razor blade, using CLR or similar products and I still can not seem to get rid of it.

My dad told me to use glass buffer, I went to the hardware store and they claim they never heard of it. How do I get rid of this stuff? I can not figure out if it is on the inside or outside, i thought maybe the glass was double paned or something but it isnt.

Any help would be great.
i will try the vinigar idea

with the small holes in the tank would I be able to feel them or are they too small for that? the tank feels very smooth that is why I can not figure out what side of the tank it is coming from.

The tank was left outside in the rain alot (ex husband wouldnt give it back until court ordered….tank is sentimental)

You man not be able to, depending on what caused it.

If it’s a lime scale, try straight vinegar or lemon juice (mild acids) to dissolve it if it’s a deposit from hard water. Just rinse well before adding any fish.

But if the tank was exposed to high pH levels for a long time (cichlid or marine tank, or your area had naturally high pH water) this can actually disolve the silica over time leaving a lightly pitted surface that doesn’t allow the light to pass through in straight lines (what makes it look cloudy). This you can’t really fix on your own – it may be able to be gound or heat polished (check with a glass company rather than a hardware store) but it’s not a guarantee that the glass won’t be damaged either. When filled with water, the cloudiness decreases (water fills in the pitted areas to a small extent), but it won’t ever look quite like a new tank again.

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