Oct 24 2010

Fish Tank Building Instructions

Fish Tank Building Instructions
Is a “Safety Factor” of 1.97 better than one of 3.08 when building your own fish tank?

I am looking at a glass thickness calculator and it gives a “Safety Factor” number but does not explain what that is. I am planning on building my own fish tank in the future so I am trying to get instructions on it now. I can’t seem to find a web site that give instructions on how to do it and provides either pictures or drawings of the process.

Go to GARF….
Check through the DIY and Articles section.They are a Saltwater site…but a tank doesn’t know what waters going in…..

Their calculator gives build “cut lists” and glass thickness when given dimensions.Hard to beat if doing something not too off-beat.

The New Instructions @ The Aquarium, Fargo

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