Feb 04 2011

Fish Tank Building

Fish Tank Building
how much would it cost to get an 2000 gallon fish tank built?

well just a simple question really i been lookin at owning a black tipped shark lol but how much u think it will cost to get 2000 gallon tank built??

Price a swimming pool, and add a few thousand for putting a window in the side….

Seriously you are talking about 7 TONS of water. You start by digging out new foundations as your house ones wont handle the weight. Then pour a concrete base and build re-inforced concrete walls, with windows holes. Coat the inside with 2 part swimming pool epoxy paint and seal the windows in place.

This is building a 5,000gal tnak, but you get the idea.


My Aquarium, Glass Fabrication: Building A Lid For My Fish Tank

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