Sep 12 2010

Fish Tank Bulb

Fish Tank Bulb
What size light bulb do I need for a 55 gallon fish tank?

I don’t even know how to take out the light bulb, I just know I need one.

Help me help myself.
It’s just your basic, rectangular shaped tank with one hood.

Its probably one or two of the long tube florescent bulbs. I think the standard length is four feet (48″) but you can always measure it with a ruler.
How many watts (how bright) it is should be written on the bulb itself but if you cant find that there will be a max rating stamped somewhere on the hood your cant go over.
They might have bulbs with different names like ‘cool white’ ‘soft white’ or ‘daylight’ but thats actually the color spectrum the light gives off rather its a more blueish or redish. Full spectrum gives off all colors of light but I dont really know what fish like or even if they care

Remove the bulb by spinning it about a quarter turn and then it slides straight out. Theres two little nipples (I totally just said nipple) that stick out of the bulbs ends that kinda hold it in.

Aquarium LED Bulb 175w Replacement

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