Dec 20 2010

Fish Tank Chiller

Fish Tank Chiller
Small Marine Fish Tank?

I know for a larger marine tank, you need to have an aquarium chiller, but if you have a smaller one (about 16-20 gallons), is it really necessary? The smallest chiller I’ve found, is for 25 gallons. Thanks for the help 🙂

Even large marine tanks don’t need chillers. I don’t run them on my 350’s. The main reason people invest in chillers is because of their lighting systems creating too much heat in the tank.

With the new lighting systems (LED) chillers will soon be a thing of the past, unless you live in an extreamly hot climate year round.

No they are not needed unless your lights are heating up the water too far keeping the temps in the water above 95

How to Setup an Aquarium Chiller

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