Jan 28 2010

Fish Tank Cleaning

Fish Tank Cleaning System
What is the best way to clean algae/ the tank and not have the water cloudy for hours?

I have to clean my 300 gallon fish tank tomorrow, Ive done it before but the water has been cloudy forever
I have a suction system and use that to get as much of the dirty water as a I can along with chemicals.
But if u were cleaning the tank
where would u start?
then so on and so forth

Rinsing the filter cartridge helps, because it is then able to take more particles out of the water. If this is done, the tank shouldn’t be cloudy for too long.

I usually gravel vac the bottom, until about 25% of the waters been removed. I then scrub… then rinse the filter cartridge in some tank water (but not in the tank!), then fill the tank with new dechlorinated water. Finally, let the filter run, and it will clean the particles out of the water.

If you are having problems with algae though, I’d just get a pleco. They make short work of it.

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