Aug 29 2010

Fish Tank Cleaning

Fish Tank Cleaning
I am cleaning out my fish tank and have emptied most of the water and now i see about 25 baby fish what i do?

I am cleaning my 10 gallon tank out and i have emtyed out 80% of the water and i have found around 25 baby fish, they are conflict chiclids. I have 4 grown chiclids in this tank what should i do if i want to keep the baby chiclids?? how do i care for the babies??
what do i feed the baby fish

That tank is way too small for one Convict Cichlid, let alone four. You should upgrade their tank immediately to a 50-55 gallon for these fish to thrive. Mating in that small a tank with other fish will definitely cause aggression and injured or even dead fish.

You should also never remove more than half your tank water. Why are you doing this? Only do 25% water changes a week, anymore will disrupt the bacteria levels in your tank.

My suggestion to you is, if you have another tank then move them there, but if you don’t, I suppose you can keep them in that tiny tank for now. Cichlids are great parents and most of the time won’t harm their fry but if you keep them in a tiny tank like that, they might.

Buy a 50-55 gallon tank if you can, and cycle it. Only when it has done cycling should you move your fish to it. You can raise the fry in that 10 gallon if you want, or you can move them into the larger tank. If you cannot house your Convicts properly, don’t even keep them.

Return the four parents and keep the babies if you like for a little while until they get too large for the tank and you’ll have to return them.

Feed the babies crunched up pellets and flakes and if you can, baby brine shrimp as a treat every four days or so.

Good luck.

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