Sep 04 2010

Fish Tank Coffee Table

Fish Tank Coffee Table
How do I get rid of earwigs from inside?

We have moved into a house about 6 months ago, it is a house that is about 15 years old, with a newer extension (about 5 years old). The past two months I am discovering earwigs anywhere in the newer part of the house. In the rooms that are newer we have a computer desk, fish tank, nintendo wii and a coffee table, the other room is a bedroom (unused and very dark).
Where are they coming from? How do I get rid of them? How long do they hang around for?
From reading previous posts abour earwigs they like damn places, yet they are not near the sinks of the house nor have i found any dampness near where I am seeing them … help???

damp places can be as simple as extra moisture help by the mulch in a flower bed next to the house. When they get inside it usually is a high population on the outside of the house, near the house and because of the large population some find their way inside. Why you are seeing them in one place over another is hard to say…maybe the older construction is built “tighter” not allowing insects inside. Treatment will be outside next to the house and then inside around entry points, such as exterior doors. Hard to say how long you will have issues with them, I have a customer that if she calls me for an extra service it usually is for earwigs, where as my customer next door has had them show up twice in maybe 10 years.

Coffee Table Fish Tank and my 6 foot Oscar Tank

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