May 01 2010

Fish Tank Cover

Fish Tank Cover
Is it important that you cover your fish tank at night?

Is it better for your fish health if you simulate a day and night cycles for them. You know by turning your aquairm light off at night and covering tank so no light gets in.

Yes, fish need days and nights. They rest in secure spots during the dark hours. However, covering the tank is not necessary unless lights from outside will be shining on the tank during the night. Too much light will also enable algae to grow out of control. If you have no live plants in the tank, only turn the lights on when you are there to watch them. This will keep algae at bay. Fish do not need electric lights, just a day night cycle.

I know of a retail store in California (in my youth) that received their first shipment of fish, placed them in the tanks (that faced the front windows of the store) and left for the night. In the morning they found about 25% of their fish on the floor, dead. Further investigation proved that headlights from cars making a turn at a nearby intersection flashed on the tanks at every traffic signal cycle, all night long, causing panic in the tanks.


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