Nov 10 2010

Fish Tank Decorations Rock

Fish Tank Decorations Rock
How much should I sell my fish tank for on EBay?

It’s a 36 gallon bow front fish tank with an oak wood stand (that has little shells and also a cupboard to store things in). I’m also included the filter, heater, rocks, decorations, and fish food.

The tank is in great shape and has only been used for about 7 months… I cleaned everything up extremely well and it looks like new.

What should I start it out at and what do you think it will sell for? Just wanted some friendly opinions! Thanks!
*shelfs… not shells, lol

Best thing to do is look on e-bay at tanks of a similar size and get an idea of the price they are selling for, I have one that I am going to put on at the weekend and I am going to check out the prices first.

How To Decorate A Fish Tank

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