Feb 09 2011

Fish Tank Decorations Ship

Fish Tank Decorations Ship
How many fish can be in 20 gallon tank?

I know it depends on what kind of fish i am planning to buy, so just give me approx. and examples.
I am considering danios, guppies, angelfish, sharks, mollies, platies, etc.

currently i have :
– 2 dalmatian mollies
– 1 sunburst platy
– 1 red wag platy

beside decorations:
– two big plants
– one wrecked ship
– two small green plants

Your tank is too small for angels or sharks – angels grow very large and get territorial, and it’s the same with “sharks”. “Sharks” by the way, are different types of minnows, carp, and catfish.

Plus it depends. Mollies get much, much bigger than guppies, so obvioulsy the numbers change depending what you want to keep.

So instead of relying on random statements that don’t mean anything like above, the idea is to first choose exactly what kind of fish you want to keep, then figure out how many. To do it the other way around is backwards.

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