Feb 12 2010

Fish Tank Heater

Fish Tank Heater
The aquarium water heater is a device that controls the temperature in your aquarium with the help of the thermostat. Different species of fish have different temperature requirements. Corals typically need a constant water temperature and usually do not thrive in sudden changes in temperature.

An aquarium heater is a device that provides heat all throughout the tank. The two common types of aquarium water heaters include the one directly attached to the thermostat and the one that is composed of a combination of heating units with a thermostat, pilot light, and condensers.

The typical aquarium water heater has a temperature regulator that allows you to set a temperature range that will signal the water heater to start and stop. It powers on when the temperature of the tank drops lower than the set temperature, and automatically stops when the temperature of the water reaches the temperature limit.

Each heater is composed of a ceramic core covered by nichrome resistance wire. They often come sold with accompanying thermostats that you place on the other side of the tank. In most cases, you place the thermostat on the other side of the tank so that the heat will have to travel to the other side of the tank to reach the thermostat, facilitating an even dispersion of heat.

Different types of tank heaters

There are three main types of aquarium heaters. These are the hang-on tank style, the submersible aquarium water heater, and the heating cable system. The hang-on tank style usually is not very effective at providing even heating because it is only partially submerged.

The submersible aquarium water heater on the other hand provides a more even system of heating for the entire aquarium. The heating cable system is submerged underneath the aquarium gravel and is manipulated by a heating control unit. This is the kind of system that is preferred in saltwater tanks but it is useful for freshwater tanks as well.

Factors to consider when buying tank heaters

The kind of fish you have, the temperature in your room, and the warranty given by your water heater retailer are just three of the factors you need to keep in mind when buying an aquarium water heater. You have to know the temperature your fish are used to and you have to know the temperature in your room because you will be subtracting this from the temperature that is ideal for your fish. Also make sure you get an aquarium water heater with a good and reliable warranty in order to avoid spending too much for repairs when your heater breaks down.

Tips for buying aquarium heaters

When buying aquarium heaters, make sure you buy a spare in case your heater breaks down. This is not a necessity but experts advice that you use multiple heaters in your aquarium so that you can maintain an even temperature even if one of the heaters break down. The extra heater can carry the load of heating the tank long enough for you to replace the broken heater with a spare heater.

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Jeffry Johnston is a pet store owner and an aquarium enthusiast who likes to help others succeed in raising their fish as well. He is a member and guest speaker at many aquarium clubs, as well as having a few very large tanks of his own. To learn more about aquarium water heaters and aquarium gravel, please visit marinedepot.com.

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