Jan 08 2010

Fish Tank Sizes

Fish Tank Sizing

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to choosing the right size fish tank. You should base your decision on four criteria. Where the tank will be set up, what size tank can easily fit into the set up area, what material the tank is made of and finally, what kind of fish are going to live in the tank.

Put the aquarium where you live. Today, many homes have areas that are rarely occupied. If you have a guest bedroom but you hardly ever set foot inside the room, there’s no purpose to put the tank up in there. Setting up and dismantling a tank is a time consuming task so pick a location carefully. Remember when the tank has a ‘one hundred gallon’ sticker on it, that doesn’t mean it will only weigh one hundred pounds. It’ll be a lot heavier once the water, decorations and fish are in place. If you decide after it’s set up that you don’t like the location, then you’ll have all that work to move it.

Choose one large enough to be attractive, but small enough to be practical. You have to be able to get all the way around the aquarium. If it’s so large you must wedge it into a corner and then you cannot get behind it, there won’t be a way to check it completely. Put the aquarium near a power source. You don’t want electrical cords stretched out across your carpet where someone can trip and fall on them. Both the filter and light source will need to have access to electricity and finding out there isn’t an outlet nearby after it’s set up means you’ll struggle to relocate a heavy tank.

Is the tank so large it will block air flow from a heating vent? Will it have to sit over a vent or be placed under one? Both the heat and the air can affect the conditions inside the tank. By the same reasoning, you should never place a fish tank too close to a fireplace unless the fireplace is not ever used. The heat from the fire can warm the water temperature to unsafe levels.

Picking between glass or acrylic is a personal decision. If you have to stick to a budget and glass is more affordable for you, one thought to keep in mind is that if you know you are in the home you will remain in for the rest of your life and there’s no chance you’ll be changing locations for the tank, then go ahead with the glass one. If you know you’ll be moving or moving often enough that a glass tank could break or be too heavy, the go with the acrylic one.

The best way to determine the size fish tank for you is to know what kind of fish you’ll be getting and how many fish you’ll have. Fish need an optimum amount of space to live in and it’s better to give them too much room than too little.

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Brian Wong is a freshwater fish enthusiast. His newest book, “The Ultimate Guides To Freshwater Aquariums” teaches aquarists everything they need to know about starting and maintaining a freshwater aquarium. For more great information on freshwater aquarium tank, visit www.freshwateraquariumguides.com

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