Jan 05 2011

Fish Tank Stand Plans

Fish Tank Stand Plans
Will this work as a stand?

My husband and I just bought a 55 gallon fish tank and were planning to put it on my dresser. The tank is 4 feet long and the dresser is probably 3 feet and half, so each end is sticking off the dresser about 3 inches. Will this be enough support before we will it? I don’t want the tank to fail and break if that is even possible.

I would suggect you get a bigger dresser or a plank of wood underneath the tank to cover the full length. The only suggestion i could make is…if your happy to take a hazard…i know i problably would… is both you and your partner stand on the dresser and see if it support your weight with ease. if it does, then you should be fine. 55 gallons is approximately 208 kilograms, so your looking at approximately 4 people to be safe. If you think the dresser can take this weight, then go ahead!Fish keeper for six years

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