Dec 07 2010

Freshwater Tropical Fish

Freshwater Tropical Fish
Any suggestions on a good tropical freshwater fish tank?

I am looking for a tank of a reasonable size around £200 does anyone know a good brand, size or supplier?

You’re obviously thinking about a Christmas present. Reasonable size is somewhere between 14-20 UK gallon. You want a bundle, which is all the required bits in one deal. The mark up from wholesale to retail is 100% in pet shops. You spend £200 they make £100 and that’s what pays the rent and puts food on their table.

Go in and ask for a deal and for what sells at £200, you can walk away with for £150. They sell you the tank and they reason they will sell you the fish and the fish food. Try a couple of shops, make them compete for your business, it always works :o)

Alternatively come mid January you could buy the whole thing second hand for £50 :O) It’s that kind of hobby.

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