Jan 22 2013

Incandescent Fish Tank Bulbs

Incandescent Fish Tank Bulbs
!!!!!!!!!!!Planted 29 Gallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I’m starting a 29 gallon fish tank. I would like to use as many live plants as possible, for their look and for the benefit of the fish. I already have flourite substrate. After the plants I will be adding a school of zebra danios, maybe eventually dwarf gouramis or swordtails. My concern is the lighting. I have a hood for the aquarium that will take a 24″ fluorescent bulb. Right now there is a 17 watt, 8000 k fluorescent bulb in it. Is this enough light for plants? Do I need more light? Where can i find higher watt fluorescent bulbs that will fit, if they exist? And another concern of mine is the expense of said bulbs.

Also, how do i figure out how many lumens a bulb is giving off, cuz i know that a 17 watt fluorescent gives off a different amount than say a 17 watt incandescent.

The only way you’ll survive this is to use low light plants only….

Java’s—-Crypts—–Amazon swords–Anubis–Val’s

Buy an all purpose liquid fert like seachem flourish and use it very very sparingly. Add no CO2 and do 20% water changes weekly.

Plants can photosynthesize between 5000k-10000k light. 6700k is perfect. You should be Okay.

Hagen life glo2’s and Zoo med ultrasuns are good cheap plant bulbs.

The only way to increase the wattage is to replace the canopy.

Keeping plants is big money if you don;t go low light, there great plants they just grow slower that’s all.

get a light timer aswell from the hardware store and set it for 8-9 hours a day. there 3 bucks, just make sure its 3 pronged if your canopy is.

Don’t worry about lumens unless your willing to spend about 150 bucks for a T5 or a T5HO ballast set up.

just go low light, that’s a deep tank, hard for light to penetrate so get plants that don;t need much to thrive. DOn’t and you will hate the results.

good luck and enjoy

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