Apr 09 2011

Koi / Oranda Tank Water Temperature

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Koi/Oranda + new Pleco water tank temperatures?

We have a 40 gallon tank, with 5 koi fish about the size of my middle finger, with 3 orandas. We got an algae infestation and decided to add a pleco to the tank. The pleco is the size of my pinky. Anyways, when we bought it, the guy said to just turn your heater on and it will be safe for the koi/oranda and pleco but now it seems like the tank is too warm for them, is it safe? What are the standard temperatures to keep the tank at for it to be warm for all the fish?

while goldfish and koi prefer colder temperatures, they will survive fine in the range of 72-78 that your pleco will need. Having it run in the 80s is a bit too warm—not that they won’t survive, but they will thrive better if the temperature is kept in the 70s.

I am assuming that you already know how truly large all of your species will grow, so putting that aside, allow me to make a suggestion about your algal problem. The reason for your algal blooms is that your tank is overstocked (yes, even if they are small now). There is obviously too many excess nutrients in your water.

Your pleco is only adding more nitrogen waste to your tank, and with your current stocking density, I suggest returning him to the store and using very large weekly water changes and lower light levels to combat your algae instead. Getting a pleco to eat algal blooms is only putting a band aid on a problem that can be eradicated in a way that is ultimately healthier for your fish.

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