Mar 01 2011

Quiet Fish Tank Bubblers

how do you fall asleep with an aquarium in the room?

my fish tank is in my room I shut off the bubbler in the night since I have a cold water tank and the goldfish don’t really need it anyways all it does is waste electricity and keep me up. I got a new filter today more powerful than the old so the water gushes out and makes the trickling noise I plan to switch back to my old one overnight since I still have a brand new cartridge for it that won’t fit my new one and it’s quieter and makes no noise and so I can give each a rest instead of having one run 24/7 have one run during the day and one at night but how can I fall asleep with the new one after I throw out the old
the water level is a tiny bit less then 1/2 from the top black border plastic thingy the reccomended level by the manual of the filter

Simple I just lie down and close my eyes and drift off into a blissful sleep. I find the sound of my aquariums running to be quite soothing.

If the sound of an aquarium filter or bubbler keeps you awake then you are way to sensitive. I would think that you need to learn to live with it or move the tank to another room.

From the sound of things though I would say that your aquarium is definitely low on water. Fill it up to the proper level. As for turning your filters on and off that is a mistake and the end result will be a tank that suffers because of it. Your filters will be less effective due to bacterial die off, and the inhabitants of your tank will be the ones to pay the price.

My albino cory fish laying eggs

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