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Aug 20 2011

Fish Tank Bases

Fish Tank Bases
Recommendations needed for a 55 G. fresh water fish tank for semi agg. to aggresive fish no larger than 3 inch

What would you place in a 55 gallon fresh water tank if you wanted the most colorful fish and best mix of semi-aggressive and/or aggressive fish . . I would like fish that would grow to be no more than 3 inches. According to the rule of thumb, 2 gallons of water per each inch of fish .. this would give me room for a total of about 8 or 9 three inch fish. So, based on 2 to 3 fish of each kind (3 or 4 different kind/group of fish). I would like colorful, pretty, and/or striped fish. Semi aggressive to aggressive mix (if you can mix the two ? ) Thank you for your recommendations. 🙂

Cichlids are the only way to go! There is one called a yellow lab, I think get a little over an inch, bright yellow with a black stripe and tons of personality. Jack Dempseys are nice, but may get a little bigger than you’d like, say 5 inches or so. Do a search at – they’ll list the cichlids that can be housed together and how large they get…

Aquarium Base Construction Part V

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