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Sep 20 2011



Flame Angelfish

By far the most recognizable and familiar centropyge angelfish in the aquarium hobby at present is the Flame Angelfish. This marine aquarium fish is admired principally because of its stunning beauty. They are completely orange to red in coloration while the tip ends of their upper and lower dorsal fins are a bright electric  blue.

It has three to five tiger stripes that run vertical down the length of its body. Not all flame angelfish are equal as the number of stripes will differ along with the general color of the marine aquarium fish. Some may have more red or orange coloration than other saltwater aquarium fish.

Angelfish collected off Hawaii typically have a intense red coloration throughout their entire body. Unlike other variants, their black stripes are not thick but almost always narrow. Flame angelfish collected from the waters of Hawaii are rare as most of them are shipped from Christmas and Marshall Islands.

Once they have been correctly acclimated and have adjusted to the saltwater aquariums environment, they are tough fish. In the wild they graze on algae, small crustaceans and algae and are known to nip on a range of corals. Coral nipping is usually hit or miss and there is never a way to tell if such a behavior is about to take place.

A great countless saltwater aquarium enthusiasts have kept them in full reef aquariums and have gotten away with it but there is always a risk. Capturing angelfish that nip in large aquariums can be tricky as it usually involves the use of a trap or removal of the rock.

They will eat dry pellet food along with frozen fish foods given enough time and are normally worry free once they have gotten used to their new environment. Once they have established themselves in the tank, they can become quite a bully. Never put more than one flame angelfish in the same aquarium except if you have a very big aquarium as there will be heightened aggression between the two.

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