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Jan 31 2013

Fish Tank Bubbles

Fish Tank Bubbles
Why are there bubbles on the fish tank?

I got a new fishy and have a 2.5 gallon fish tank. After i added the lil rocks and a plant (plastic) I put in the air pump. I poured in the water and there were little bubbles on the glass on my fish tank (also on the rocks and plastic plant). Im sure its not becuase of the air pump and i think the little bubbles are harmless, but i want to know why they appeared and what can i do to get rid of them…..

You don’t have to get rid of them, they’ll all go away in a few days, at most a week. With my experience that usually happens with new fish tanks, and everything being so new. If you look hard you can even see tiny bubbles floating around in the water. It won’t hurt the fish.

Pet Fish Care : How Do I Get Rid of Bubbles in My Fish Tank?

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