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Aug 14 2011

Aquarium Fish Tank

Aquarium Fish Tank
25 gallon aquarium / fish tank setup? community fish?

I have just bought a 25 gallon aquarium,. has gravel, plants etc. i have 5 white cloud mountain minnows (gonna get 3 more) in it allready and a filterand water conditioner etc. i can buy a heater if neccessary.
what community of fish could i put in as a peaceful community of interesting fish.
i would prefer coldwater setup aswers but any are welcome.
please tell me a selection of fish i could putin to create a community tank.
thanks nick

First get the tank cycled,begin testing for ammonia.Hint: it will take a few days or even a week to begin showing up. It will take 4 to 6 weeks to cycle the tank. During this time you should only do one tiny feeding a day. Also cold water tanks take longer to cycle than warmer ones,so be patient. When you get your tank ready to support more fish there are some very interesting Loaches that come from cold water environment that would make good tank mates for your White Clouds. Some specific names would be Kuhlii Loach or Weatherfish or Weather Loach, Horse Face Loach,more.

Fresh Water Aquarium: Community Fish Tank

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