Dec 09 2010

Toy Fish Tank Bubbles

Toy Fish Tank Bubbles
Can betta fish get bored?

I have a betta male fish that seems to be bored out of his mind. I was told at pet stores that their memory span is no longer then five seconds. So if I feed him once they won’t remember it shortly after. They advised me that he would feed until death if I let him. It’s hard for me to believe that fish can be that unintelligent. I’m sure they don’t eat themselves to death in the wild. Could it be possible that the betta won’t stop eating because he is bored with nothing better to do? He always makes bubbles nests but they never last because I do a 20% water change every two days. He lives in a 1.5 gallon tank and keeps swimming against the glass like he doesn’t want to be in his tank. I tested the water and temperature so I know whatever this behavior means has nothing to do with it. I heard there are toys for the betta fish. Where can I get them?
Fish can get bored

Bettas are NOT stupid and CAN remember things! I trained my betta to swim through a hoop and to push a ball around that was floating at the top, and she never forgot! Bettas will indeed get bored. Here is a vid of a trained betta

You can get the toys at almost any petstore!

The vid is not my betta BTW i never got a vid of her 🙁

AND that tank is WAY to small!

30 gallon

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