Feb 19 2010

Tropical Clown Fish

Tropical Clown FishClown fish are some of the most popular fish in the saltwater aquarium hobby.  Even before Nemo became a household name clown fish were extremely popular. They are very beautiful and fun to watch. They quickly catch the eye and many marine enthusiasts enter the hobby because of an attraction to these colorful beauties.

You will often see clown fish nestled in an anemone. While other fish avoid its stinging tentacles, it will cause you to wonder what relation does a clown fish and a sea anemone have.  In the wild, Clown fish live in symbiotic relationships with certain anemones. It means they live together and both the Clown fish and the anemone benefiting from each others company.

In captivity anemones are not necessary to keep a clown fish. Though they are a striking addition to any reef aquarium, they are more challenging to keep. Clown fish will readily adapt without them and frequently find a substitute host in a coral, rock structure, or other invertebrate. If you decide to keep an anemone you should make sure its special needs are met.

Clownfish are in the same family as damselfish, the family Pomacentridae. To scientists these fish are known as anemonefish, but in the aquarium hobby they are more popularly called Clownfish. The majority of the fish in this family are generally referred to as damsels, or damselfish. Most fish in this family can become territorial (aggressive) when they get older. Among the exceptions to this are the Green Chromis, the Blue Reef Chromis, and the Skunk Clownfish.

VIDEO: Anemone Fishes | Clown Fish | Tropical Marine Life DVD

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