Sep 01 2010

Tropical Fish Keeping

Tropical Fish Keeping
my gourami tropical fish keeps sitting at the bottom of the aquarium?

i bought 2 of these for my aquarium and one is fine the other though keeps resting at the bottom of the tank im woried that it might die…it has no white spots its eating fine it swins to the top for food when i open the lid but its sitting on the bottom what can i do. the ph is 7, the temop is 26 the other one is not acting the same is it ill?

Gouramis tend to do this if they don’t have enough room or if their environment is “boring” or not complex enough. Gouramis are active fish and they should be spending most of their time patrolling their area of the tank, weaving in and out of plants or decorations, or examining their reflection in the tank glass. Unless your tank is 20+ gallons and is well planted, you will probably need to separate the two Gouramis eventually. As they mature, they will both look to expand their territory, and in a small tank, that just leads to fighting… Email me if you have any questions.

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