May 31 2011

Tropical Fish Tank Decor

Tropical Fish Tank Decor
How many fancy goldfish can live in a 65 gallon tank?

My sister is giving me her old tank because she is getting a bigger one for her fish. She had a tropical set up but I don’t need the heater. I have her old air pump, and will get the filter and the media that she is using right now to get her new tank started. I’m going to put asian decor and a dragon statue air stone in the tank.

As adults, about 6 will fill that tank up just fine. Get a GOOD filter though, one rated for 100gal or more.

If you have some pre-cycled media it will speed up the cycling, and a few small goldfish will be fine in the tank right away, then just let them grow to adult size.


Leeds Aquarium Shop – Tropical, Marine & Coldwater Fish

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