May 02 2011

Tropical Fish Tetras

Tropical Fish Tetras

Beginners guide to setup tropical fish tank

Everyone wants to make their room look beautiful. For that you can place one tropical fish tank in your room. It will be the focal point and all your guests will appreciate your taste. Many people feel that the setup of the fish tank is tough but that is not true. In the following article we are going to discuss a few simple steps to maintain a tropical fish tank in your room. This is an interesting thing and you surely will enjoy doing it.

When you are planning to buy an aquarium you must check the lighting in it. You can opt for smaller or bigger tank according to the size of the room. If the aquarium is bigger then it will be easy for you to maintain. However the equipments are a bit costly in case of bigger aquarium. To maintain an aquarium properly you need an aquarium of 12 inch width and height both. This is an ideal size that will fit into a smaller and bigger room both. Here you will get the space to keep multiple types of fishes. You need to buy aquarium with good quality filter to maintain is properly. You need sand, thermometer and heater so that you can maintain the temperature of the water. You also need to main the lights and temperature properly. For a 12 inch aquarium 150 watts are perfect. Light depends on the size of your aquarium and you need to be careful about it. If there is more or lesser light that required then the fishes will suffer badly. You definitely do not want that. You need to keep the light on for 8-9 hours a day. If you keep it on for more than that the water will get warmer and uncomfortable for the fishes.

It is very important to clean the aquarium frequently. However you need to be careful while washing it. Detergent cannot be used as it can harm the fishes and can even kill them. You need to use warm water and sponge. Other than that any thing can harm the fishes. You need to take care of them first. There needs to be a plug socket near the aquarium. You also need to place it far from any heat sources. Then you need to place the sand carefully at the bottom. After that the aquarium heater needs to be placed inside carefully. After that you need to pour water in it and then it is time on switch on the heater. This is important to keep that water temperature perfect for the fishes. Neon tetras, tiger barbs are fishes that you can easily keep. You can also keep gruppies. They look beautiful and lively inside the aquarium. You need not add more than 2-3 fishes at a time. If you put too many fishes at once then it can cause a trauma for them. It is important to keep the fishes happy. It will feel lovely to see these colorful creatures swimming freely inside the aquarium. Your room will get a lovely focal point for sure.

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