Sep 09 2010

Tropical Fish Water Temperature

Tropical Fish Water Temperature
what water temperature to have tropical fish at? ?

what water temperature is right to have tropical fish? at the moment its at about 28C but is this too cold? the fish seem to be crowding around the heater so im worried it is… also… cloudy water? why is my water cloudy… i got the tank a few days ago but it still hasnt cleared!!

Water in a new tank gets cloudy. There’s several reasons, but none of them will hurt your fish. It will clear by itself. Just leave it alone. Pet stores sell products to clear it up they claim, but there’s no reason to subject your fish to chemicals if it’s only a short-lived visual annoyance.

You obviously did not research your fish before you bought them which was very irresponsible. Hopefully you have fish that are very hardy (somethng like Danios and not Tetra) because you’re going to have to cycle your tank to make it healthy for your fish. This is very hard on them.

That link has info on having your first fish tank. And that particular page is on cycling.

Let to know about arowana care

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