Feb 16 2010

Wet-Dry Filter

From Don Coyote

How is a wet dry filter used?

im buying a used fish tank for a GREAT bargain and it comes with a wet dry filter ive only ever used biofilters on mine it also comes with a UV sterelizer how do i properly install, these

A wet/dry filter, also known as a trickle filter, provides mechanical, biological and optionally chemical filtration for an aquarium. The wet/dry filter is the preferred filter for many aquarists because of the handy sump it contains.

A wet/dry filter sits under the tank, normally inside the aquarium stand. There are many designs, but basically the water is drawn down from the aquarium where it enters a large rectangular container. The water first passes through a cleaning medium like a foam pad to pull particulate matter. It may then pass over chemical resins or activated carbon to adsorb organic pollutants. Next it enters a drip tray where it drops through air to gain maximum aeration before falling on to filter media below that is designed to house bacterial colonies that make up the biological filter. Once the water passes over the biological material, it enters a sump where it collects in a bath. A pump is placed in the bottom of the sump, and the water is returned to the tank at such a rate as to match the flow into the wet/dry filter. This regulates the level of the sump.

VIDEO: A Wet-Dry Trickle Filter

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