Feb 01 2011

Wooden Fish Tank Stands

Wooden Fish Tank Stands
will my 55 gallon tank break? 10 pts first good answer?

I have my tank filled and its is on a http://www.fish.com/item/aquatic-edge-luna-aquarium-stand-55-gal-48x13x28/720001%20055/ and it is wobbling when you walk by (i used a level and it is leveled, it is just the floorboards.

The Question
My mom is letting me use this big sturdy wooden thing that is 45 inches long and 20inched wide. My tank is 48 inches long 13 inches wide. Do you think it will damage / break my tank from 1 1/2 inch on each side hanging off?

If the stand holding up the tank by the bottom glass and not by its brackets then the glass could crack, also if you say that tank is wobbling when you walk by it definitely could fal I seen it before. I would recommend a different stand only because tanks designed to be supported on all 4 corners and brackets nothing should be hanging off. If you seen tank stands you should understand what I am talking about it should fit perfectly and nothing should be hanging off, you got to consider the weight of the water and then substrate and whatever else you put in there. If you had a proper stand and it still wobbled you could weight it down with some sand bags.

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